Day 1
  • Create a new page titled "Western Europe" linked in your post-classical era page
  • Go to worldology and scroll through the maps starting at 490-600 (The Early Dark Ages) ending at 1240-1350 (Europe's Darkest Days) Take notes on the following
  1. Impact of Christianity (490-600)
  2. Reign of Charles Martel & Viking Raids (600 - 755)
  3. The Rise of the Franks (755-850)
  4. Feudalism (840 - 967)
  5. Christianity and the High Middle Ages & Expansion of Holy Roman Empire (967 - 1060)
  6. Effects of the Crusades, Norman conquest of England and Magna Carta (1060-1240)
  7. Why the Golden Horde was able to dominate Europe and the Black Death Plague (1240 - 1350)

Day 2
  • Use Mindomo to create two concept maps (1 for Manorialism and another for Feudalism). When you have completed these concept maps you should embed them onto your wiki. When you have embedded each of the maps you should write a summary of each term.

Homework: Read pages 213-221

Read and mark up the following document using crocodocs and embed in wikispace
When you have embedded the document write a short summary beneath.

Day 3
  • Create a GLOG - using Glogster focusing on either Western Culture during the Postclassical Era or the development of Economic Systems in Western Europe. Embed and summarize
Homework Complete reading Chapter - take and upload notes on the Decline of the Medieval Synthesis

Day 4
  • Watch "The Dark Ages"

Essay: Compare and Contrast the economic and political systems of the Byzantine Empire and Western Europe during the post classical Era