The West

1. Using Scribble Maps outline the nations that you think are included when we discuss "The West". After embedding the map explain your rationale

2. Read p. 673- 678 - and 690 - 695 Outline notes
4. Read chapter 31p.732 - 750
  • What were the major effects of decolonization post WWII on Europe?
  • How did the Cold War divide Europe? What were the implications of this division?
  • Why did European governments move towards Liberal Democracies?
  • What was the welfare state? Why did they develop? what were the issues?
  • Trace growing diplomatic relationships within Europe
  • Outline economic development in Europe
  • Outline the post war development of the non-European West (Excluding the United States)
  • Explain the growing role of the United States in world affairs
  • Trace developments for women in the post war West
  • Outline cultural developments in Europe.