The rise of the Russian Empire involved only limited commercial exchange throughout Eurasia. After emancipating themselves from Mongol domination, the Russians pushed eastward.

  • Trace Russian Expansion
  • Summarize extent of westernization under Peter the Great
  • Summarize westernization under Catherine the Great
  • Describe the nature of Russian Serfdom
Day 1.
  1. Describe the effects of Mongol occupation on Russian civilization
  2. Trace Russian expansion under the Ivans.
Complete a leadership analysis of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great
The focus should be the idea of 'westernization'.

Day 2.
  1. Compare the extent of Westernization under Peter and Catherine
  2. Describe the effects of Westernization in Russia and assess whether the process overcame the separation of Russia and the West

Take notes (Main Ideas and Details) on themes in Russia at this time
  • Serfdom
  • Dependence
  • Social Unrest
  • Eastern Europe

Day 3
Identify basic characteristics of empire building and labor systems for comparison with Early Latin America