Recently Discovered Aztec Temple

Vocabulary Terms you are responsible for knowing

Toltecs - Tenochtitlan - Aztec - Chinampas - calpulli -Incas - Temple of the Sun - Split inheritance - mita - quipu

Day 1
  • Watch clip from APOCALYPTO students will identify what this clip can tell us about the Maya - look specifically for religious symbols, role of warriors/shamins/women, scale/purpose of architecture cultural dress/actions
  • Create a new page entitled "The Americas" find and upload an appropriate image - link to post - classical era
Homework: Read pages 234-244 and complete an ESPIRIT Chart for the Aztecs. Include a relevant image, main ideas and relevant key terms for each category.

Day 2
  • Review Espirit Chart - Split into groups create comparative presentations for ESPIRIT category for Aztec v. Inca
Homework complete reading of chapter

Day 3
  • Presentation of ESPIRIT Categories
Comaprative summary of Aztecs and Incas - written in the style of a Compare and Contrast Essay