• Cite the effects of European expansion on the pre-Columbian Americas
  • Describe the diffusion of Iberian society in the New World
  • Describe the nature and moral arguments surrounding the exploitation of Indians in the New World
  • Identify the nature of the colonial government and economy of the American colonies
  • compare the labor systems that developed in the Americas with Serfdom in Russia

1.1 Examine the Image found at the link below...
What does this image reveal about Society in the American colonies?What terms are still in use today? How do we use them?
1.2 Complete an ESPIRIT analysis of Spanish Colonial Society
2.1 Peer - review of Spanish colonial society - use etherpad to share main ideas for each of th eESPIRIT analysis categories.
2.2 Read and Mark up (Using word or Crocodocs) the following document.

(This document will be used for a brief "save the last word discussion tomorrow. - please identify three ideas for discussion points for tomorrows class.) - Summarize Document

3.1 Look at the Image Below

How do you think images such as this influenced European attitudes towards the native populations of the Americas

Using the previous nights reading On the Reasons for the Just War among the Indians (1547) students will use the “save the last word” discussion method to review their homework and deepen their understanding

After discussion share MI' s password: history

in the discussion tab of your make notebook 3-4 predictions of ways that Bartolomé de las Casas would counter the argument of Sepulveda

3.2 Read and use marking up strategies to help them analyze the excerpt from In Defense of the Indians (1550) Bartolomé de las Casa

3.3 Compare the attitudes of Sepulveda and de las Casas towards native Americans. - What factors account for the differences in POV?