Russia and Japan: Industrialization outside the West

1. What was the Decemberist uprising? What were its causes and effects?
2. What were the weaknesses of the Russian economy?
3. What caused the Crimean War? what were its major effects?
4. Why were serfs emancipated? how did their emancipation differ from the emancipation of slaves in the U.S.? What changes did it create?
5 What were the Zemstvoes? How successful were they?
6. What was the significance of the Trans-Siberian railroad?
7. What economic reforms were enacted by Sergei Witte
8. What were the signs that Russia was headed to revolution? (think about - intelligentsia, anarchists, Marxists, Bolsheviks.)

Japan: Transformation without Revolution
1. Explain major developments in Japan in the early 1800's
2. What effect did the actions of Commodore Perry have on Japan? (include details on Samurai discontent)
3. List the actions taken by the Meiji State
4. Explain how Japan Industrialized - (Private and government roles)
5. List ways that Industrialization changed Japan
6. What division within Japanese society were created by modernization?

  • Read Good-Bye Asia by Fukuzawa Yukichi. From Riley. Discuss article
  • Read In Depth p. 627 and answer questions
  • Analyze the two faces of Western Influence p.630