Model United Nations

Welcome to the Malden High Model UN! . The topic we will be debating is the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in the World Health Organization. To prepare for debate, we have added the topic guides and videos below. In addition, if you CLICK HERE you will find a page full of country data for the 15 countries to be used in the classroom.
Background Knowledge
Go through the 6 pages of the following website. You should take notes (Main Idea and Details) on the History, Purpose and Organization of the United Nations

Now watch the following video. It is an introduction the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If you can not view the embedded video then click HERE

After you have conducted some basic research on your assigned country work with a partner to complete the attached document. Be Sure to complete both columns.

Your Country:
What are the FACTS?
What does it MEAN?
1. Where is your country located? What are some of the countries that surround it?

What are your country’s major industries?

How many languages are spoken in your country and what are they?

What is the form of government?

Does our country give or receive foreign aid? If yes how much?

What is your country’s per capita GDP?

What percentage is literate?

How many people have access to clan water?

What are the major infectious diseases?

What are the current environmental risks facing your country?

Other Important details?

For this given simulation you will be focusing on the World Health Organization (WHO). Complete the following research sheet on the WHO.


Learn about the work of the World Health Organization by downloading the pdf here.
external image pdf.png WHO.pdf
Become an expert on the HIV/AIDS crisis by reading the background guide here.
external image pdf.png HIV AIDS guide.pdf

Here is a study guide for HIV/AIDS as well.
external image pdf.png HIV AIDS study guide.pdf

Researching Conference Topics | Research Overview Model UN Preparation Guide

Next, you should develop an understanding of the issues that will be debated at your Model UN conference. Many conferences send out background materials or issue briefs, which can help jumpstart your research. You may want to look at the sources cited in these materials for more in-depth information. If the conference background materials pose questions, you should answer them with your country information in mind. Here are some additional questions to help guide your research:
  • What is the problem? How does it affect your country?
  • What has your country done to combat the problem?
  • What are the various “sides” in the debate?
  • Which aspects of the issue are most important to your country?
  • If your country is not involved with the issue, how can it become involved?
  • How will your country shape the debate at the conference?
  • What arguments will other countries make?
  • How do the positions of other countries affect your country’s position?
  • Is there evidence or statistics that might help to back up your country’s position?

Click here to find links to research guides/articles for your assigned countries.

When you have conducted ample research and embedded/linked useful articles you should write a short summary that addresses the questions above. This summary will be used to help you draft your position paper. Attached

Model UN Glossary


Countries (LOOK AT THIS ONE!) HIV and AIDS
Gapminder ( HIV and AIDS )
World Health Organization
General HIV/AIDS info with articles from other countries (articles)
info on AIDS and HIV video
Info on different types of treatement
AIDS in Europe and Asia
HIV and AIDS around the world - w/ many countries info
W(orld) H(ealth) O(rganization) treatment
Global Health Facts