Foundations Unit
What students need to know

Topic 1: From hunter gatherers to civilization
Topic 2: Classical China
Topic 3: Classical India
Topic 4: Classical Rome and Greece
Readings and Assignments
Reading: Stearns, Chapter 1-From Human Prehistory to the Early Civilizations

  • Review summer reading assignment
  • Introduction to ESPIRIT charts
  • Register for technology accounts
  • What does it take to be a civilization?
  • Doing World History
  • Neolithic Revolution
  • Yali's Question
  • Early Civilization Comparison
  • Hammurabi's Law Code APPARTS
  • Rise of Sumerian City States Problem Solving
  • Create a virtual notebook

Reading: Stearns, Chapter 2 Classical China
  • Introduction to the DBQ
  • Leadership Analysis of Qin ShiHuangdi
  • Mapping Physical features of China - Google Earth
  • Chinese Philosophies Voicethread

Confucianism: Government and the Superior (551-479 BCE)

Daoism: The Classic of the Way and Virtue (500s-400s BCE)

Legalism: The Way of the State (475-221 BCE)
Reading: Stearns, Chapter 3 Classical India
  • Caste system analysis
  • Religion and Culture in India
  • Comparison Exercise between classical India and China
  • Buddhism and 21st century skills
Buddhism Video
How 21st century skills can help you become Buddha
Reading: Stearns Chapter 4 Mediterranean Civilizations
  • Rise of Greek City States - Sparta and Athens
  • Greek Philosophers presentation
  • Comparing Han China and Rome ESSAY
  • Reasons for the fall of Rome
  • Roman Slavery
Comparing Athens and Sparta (5th c BCE)

Greek and Roman Slavery