Byzantine Art, Mosaic, Child and Donkey, Constantinople, 5th century

Day 1.
  • Create a new page in Post Classical Unit titled: Byzantines
  • Search for and then insert image that connects to the Byzantines
  • Embed a google map showing location of Constantinople - below - How do you think the location of Constantinople may have affected its development
Homework: Read 194-198 - Outline the foundation of Byzantium, Outline The achievements of Justinian -Find and upload any images relevant to your notes

Day 2:
  • Work in collaboration to create notes and identify Main Ideas in ESPIRIT chart - Jigsaw Categories and review - Summarize Byzantium
Homework Using Crocodocs Read and Mark-up 1 of the following documents. When you have finished your mark ups embed the marked up documents onto your wikispace and summarize

Day 3
  • Review documents in EXPERT groups and then JIGSAW
Homework : Read 203 - 209 and answer the following questions.
  1. Who were Cyril and Methodius? What did they accomplish?
  2. How did events in the Middle East affect the demographics of the East Central borderlands?
  3. Outline the development of the Kievan Rus
  4. What important decision was made by Vladimir I?
  5. What were some of the major similarities and differences between Byzantium and the Kievan Rus?
  6. What factors led to the decline of the Kievan Rus?
Read and summarize the main points of "Eastern and Western Europe: The Problem of Boundaries" p.208